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General rental terms:
    1. Driver's age:
    Minimum age limit  of  the driver 18 years old
    2. Driver's Licence :
    The driver must hold a driver's licence for a year.
    3. Minimum period of rental payment:
    Everyday. Every extra hour will be fined with 1/5 of the regular price
    4. Fines:
    All fines will be paid by the person who rents the vehicle
    5. Taxes:
    23% V.A.T. tax is paid by our company
    6. Gasoline:
    Is paid by the customer
    7 Damages :
    Are paid by the customer

    8. Security:
    The clients of motocycles are insured against thirf parties for death and physical  damages up to 440.205,00 € and material damages up to 88.041,00 €
    9. Guarantee:
    The pre-calculated amount of rental is prepaid.


All our vehicles bikes are covered by insurance and roadside assistance throughout the island. We can deliver and collect vehicles at your accommodation or at the airport.
All vehicles accompanied by helmets. The size depending by the customer’s request.

Damage to the tires charges exclusively the company.

Rental terms

All scooters up to 50cc  are covered by  patented car if it's European national or international. If the client has Greek nationality he needs permission moped or motorcycle.

All other motorcycles driven by proportional to the cubic driving licenses, European patent or international.

All ATV- CORT driven by persons who has previous experience in this type of vehicles and car driving license.

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